I first met Jennifer Sue Delgado in the 1st grade at Westwood Terrace Elementary in August of 1985. I spent the next 2 years sharing a classroom with her. So many years have passed but I remember her being a sweet, caring innocent child. I remember this red Mexican style dress that she used to wear. Just days at the end of our 3rd grade year Jennifer was with her mother at a laundromat across the street from her home near Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. It was June 6th 1988. On that summer evening tragedy struck the Delgado family. A man walked into the laundromat and went up to a vending machine and put some money in. When nothing came out of the machine the man got enraged and pulled out a knife and stabbed Jennifer and her mother. Jennifer’s mother survived the attack. Jennifer ran across the street to her home and collapsed in the front yard. She was transported to Wilford Hall Medical Center but she passed away around 11pm that night. We are now in the year 2023 and 35 years later her killer has never been caught. In 2001 I held a candlelight vigil and our old classmates and family gathered to remember Jennifer. In 2021 I raised funds to have a memorial plaque placed in a new wing at Westwood Terrace Elementary in honor of Jennifer. In 2022 I raised funds to have 2 memorial designation signs placed on the street where Jennifer was killed. A section of Westrock Dr is now known as The Jennifer Sue Delgado Memorial Way. In 2021 I started the Jennifer Sue Delgado Memorial Foundation and in June 2022 we awarded a college scholarship to a John Jay HS graduate. We also raised enough funds to purchase a new book for every student at Westwood Terrace Elementary to take home and read over the summer. I pray that our foundation is able to continue this tradition each year. With you help and support I know we can!